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Steering you in the right direction.

Driving school in Tilburg offers driving lessons in and near Tilburg. Each student is approached in a personal and professional way, where your personal development is the focus. We will turn you into a capable and confident driver. Our driving school has been providing Tilburg and surrounding areas with driving lessons for several years.

Start your driving lessons in Tilburg

Once you start with driving lessons you will learn many new skills. To become a confident and capable driver you will need a good instructor. We are a driving school with an eye for our students, that’s why we use the same fixed instructors for each student. That way you can build a relationship, you can be more confident and use your lessons optimally.

For you to get to experience what it is like to take a driving lesson with us, we offer a trial lesson. Depending on your driving capabilities during this lesson, we will then make a lesson plan that fits best with your needs.

Driving school in Tilburg has been providing affordable driving lessons to the area surrounding Rijen, Dongen, Goirle and Gilze for years now. We will prepare you optimally for your exam and make sure you get your license. Interested? Contact us with the button below.

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Why choose driving school Tilburg

Or slogan says it all – “Steering you in the right direction.” Driving school Tilburg steers you in the correct direction. Together with us, you will obtain the desired pink slip. Your driving lessons in Tilburg are customized for you. We do this based on your skills during the trail lesson. You can request this trail lesson at the bottom of the page.

Do you want to get your driver’s license quick in Tilburg? Then the speed course package is a good way for you to get your driver’s license with a fast track. Do you have little time during the week and can only follow lessons in the evening? That’s not a problem for us! During the week and during the weekend we offer evening lessons in Tilburg. All of this with no added fees.

With Driving school in Tilburg, you can follow affordable qualitative driving lessons in and near Tilburg.

Speed course Drivers license Tilburg

Driving school in Tilburg offers a speed course package, so you can get your driver’s license as fast as possible in Tilburg. A speed course driver’s license package makes sure that within 10 working days you can get your driver’s license. So, after two weeks of lessons you can already prove you have what it takes and take the practical exam! We will prepare you optimally for this exam, which means you can get on the road quickly and safely.

To start your speed course, you need to be in possession of the theory certificate. Once you have this, we can request a declaration of health with the CBR and we can plan the practical exam. Then together with you we will plan driving lessons till the date of the exam. Passed the exam? Then you can get on the road as soon as you request your license.

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Driving schools in Tilburg

Tilburg has many driving schools and students. There is plenty of choice, but make sure that you don’t just take an affordable driving school but also a good one. When following driving lessons it’s important that you feel comfortable with your instructor. Because you will be spending many hours together in a car and he will make you a capable driver.

In our driving school in Tilburg you can get your driver’s license with a trusted team. To convince you, we offer a trial package of two lessons of 50 minutes for the affordable price of only 50 euro in total. This way you can decide for yourself whether we are the driving school for you.

Follow a trial lesson at Driving School Tilburg

During the trial lesson you will get to know your driving instructor. You get a clear image about how your following lessons will be and a plan is made for every student. So you know exactly what is up ahead for you. After your trial lesson we will let you know directly how many lessons we think you will need.

Packages and Prices

What are the costs for getting your license in Eindhoven? We think its important that getting a drivers license is accesible to everyone. Thats why we offer many different packages and you can pay in installments. You can combine the packages to buy (extra) lessons for € 42,50,- per lesson.


*can only use once!


*can only use once!

10 Lessons (50 min)

Fixed driving instructor

No long waiting list

€ 475,-

€ 399,-

Package A

€32,50 discount!


13 Lessons (50 min)

Free re-exam

Free intake lesson

Fixed driving instructor

No long waiting list

€ 585,-

€ 552,50

Package B

€ 47,50 discount!


19 Lessons (50 min)

Free re-exam

Fixed driving instructor

Fixed intake lesson

No long waiting list

€ 855,-

€ 807,50

Package C

€72,50 discount!


29 Lessons (50 min)

Free re-exam

Free intake lesson

Fixed driving instructor

No long waiting list

€ 1305,-

€ 1.232,50

Package D

€ 92,50 discount!


37 Lessons (50 min)

Free re-exam

Free intake lesson

Fixed driving instructor

No long waiting list

€ 1.665,-

€ 1.572,50

Sharp prices

Also additional lessons for competetive prices

Intermittent exam CBR € 200,-
Practical exam CBR € 265,-
Practical exam BNOR € 240,-
Practical exam performance anxiety € 300,-
single lesson / 50 min. € 42,50
health declaration € 37,80
theory book Vekabest € 49,-
theory book English € 33,50
Driving School Tilburg

Driving lessons in Tilburg

Tilburg is a big city in the province of Noord-Brabant. Near Tilburg there are many smaller villages and fields.

Tilburg is well connected with the surrounding area, that makes it ideal for following driving lessons. Driving school in Tilburg is going to practice with you in surrounding villages and highways and of course Tilburg itself. That way you can experience many different traffic situations which will make you a more competent driver.

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